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The Canadian Garden Cookbook

These delicious recipes provide fresh new ways to incorporate favourites from your garden into spectacular meals.
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The Essential Guys' Cookbook

The recipes in The Essential Guys' Cookbook are prepared with a masculine flair that even your buddy from the auto body shop, or that fellow you golf with every Saturday, would be proud of.
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Mexican Made Easy

Mexican Made Easy serves up the tastes of Mexico in recipes that are easy to prepare and use ingredients you can find in your local supermarket. From tacos and fajitas to moles, this book has everything you need to make meal times delicioso.
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100 Recipes from 100 Books

We are pleased to introduce this special collector’s edition of 100 Recipes from 100 Books,by our beloved founder Jean Paré, to celebrate the publication of 100 titles in our Original Series of bestselling cookbooks.
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Complete Quinoa

This newest superfood is a tasty, nutritious, gluten-free seed. It cooks much quicker than whole grains, providing a healthy, delicious meal in less time.
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4 New Focus Series Titles!

Check out the four latest additions to our Focus Series! Selected recipes showcase your favourite topics in a collectible format, with Avocado Accents, Blender Drinks, Cooking with Beer and Meat Marinades.

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