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Pinnacle Cart Review

The Good

With over 450 features, Pinnacle Cart is the most robust eCommerce solution on the market and deserves the recognition as Zippy Cart’s top eCommerce solution. It offers unlimited, hard-to-find features for free, when other carts may charge for their usage. They offer free migrations from other carts (a small additional fee will apply if they have to migrate over 2,000 records ) and guarantee your sales will increase or you get your money back.

The Bad

To an eCommerce newbie, the extensive list of features offered by Pinnacle Cart may seem a little overwhelming. They also lack of tools for managing bulk products.

Cool Features

Intuit Integration, Drift Marketing, QR Codes, Facebook sign-on, selling on Facebook, Ebay and mobile commerce, a social media platform, and more!

Pinnacle Cart Review Sum Up

Pinnacle Cart is a complete, powerful eCommerce solution and has everything you will need to set-up a successful online business. The Zippy Cart team considers it a one stop eCommerce Solution software because of the incredible number of features, advanced SEO / marketing, and hard-to-find licensed and hosted versions. All of that in addition to the PA DSS security makes Pinnacle Cart the top choice for Zippy Cart’s 2012 eCommerce software ranking!

Pinnacle Cart allows you to take control of your store set-up with its clear and direct Quick Start Guide. Online merchants use this tool to walk through the top 7 areas you’ll need to begin selling, which include; company info, choosing a theme, category lay-out, product lay-out, picking your check-out / payment options, SEO properties, and the option to pre-populate your store with products for the trial run. There are also many links to helpful videos and manuals that will continue to guide you on your way.

Professionally designed themes are included free of charge and can be customized to suit your needs. Pinnacle Cart only offers a limited number, however, and as is common with many other carts, the last pages of their template selection are reduced to repeating designs with different color schemes.

Pinnacle Cart allow in depth customization with HTML, CSS coding or other desktop editors but is also one of the few carts that truly allows you to customize with no coding experience, through their Design Mode. So basically, instead of being required to know that HTML color codes are hexadecimal triplets that represent the colors red as #FF0000, green as #008000 and blue as #0000FF, you can simply find your color on a color chart and apply it with ease. This is a great user-friendly feature that is surprisingly absent or ineffective in many other eCommerce Solutions.

For advanced users, the hosted version of Pinnacle Cart allows you an infinite range of customization, leaving the design and behavior of your web store in your own hands (or the hands of the designer that you hire). If you are looking to upgrade from an existing business, Pinnacle Cart has you covered with free domain transfer assistance.

Pinnacle Cart SEO / Marketing

In 2011 we awarded Pinnacle Cart the most marketing focused application on the market, and with good reason. It’s jam packed with tools to help you sell more. SEO is an important consideration when choosing your eCommerce solution software and it can make the difference between a successful online store that receives a lot of traffic and one that is rarely visited. Pinnacle Cart covers your SEO / marketing needs with extremely powerful optimization and is recognized as the “Best Search Engine Optimized E-Commerce Application” by SEO Shopping Their cutting edge optimization includes techniques like META words and titles, automatically generated sitemaps, SEO friendly coding and SEO friendly URL’s and hyperlinks. All of these features help you get the most optimum ranking on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Pinnacle Cart will help you take advantage of free advertising thru social sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg and others. They even take it off-site with features like eCommerce PLUS, an application that allows merchants to sell their products on a Facebook fan page, and a unique QR code feature, which lets consumers use their Smart Phones for instant mobile sales.

Lost revenue from abandoned shopping carts is a big problem in the eCommerce world but Pinnacle Cart was ahead of the game in finding ways to address this problem. They were impressively, the first eCommerce software solution to introduce ‘Drift Marketing’, a feature that reduces cart abandonment by re-targeting your distracted customers. This feature sends interval emails which offer discounts and other incentives designed to bring the customer back, complete the sale, and increase your revenue.

SEO and marketing features seem endless with Pinnacle Cart. Some more great points include affiliate integration, mobile eCommerce, newsletters, gift certificates and more. But the best part is… all of these marketing features are free, included in your Pinnacle Cart package.

Pinnacle Cart Security

PinnacleCart’s Social Media Set-Up

Security is one of the most undervalued features of an eCommerce solution. Though PCI compliance is a mandatory global requirement, surveys report that online business owners are often are more concerned about store design than security.
Fortunately, Pinnacle Cart is one of a very small number of eCommerce solutions that offer both a hosted and a licensed version, and because of this, have taken the extra steps to become PCI and PS DSS compliant. With the PS DSS, Pinnacle Cart has really gone the extra mile, a very time-consuming and expensive mile, to make sure that you, your company and your customers are safe. Best of all, this is something that they don’t charge you extra for, it’s a free security feature that’s built into all Pinnacle Cart online stores!

SSL security certificates are also part of all Pinnacle Cart packages. With a bit of luck You can find free sll with let's encrypt hosting.

There are so many great features of Pinnacle Cart security, it’s easy to tell they care about their online stores and merchants.

Pinnacle Cart Product / Store Management

The administrative console behind a Pinnacle Cart store is user-friendly and a well thought-out system. It allows online business owners to save time and easily oversee areas such as products & images, orders & customers, and shipping, inventory and reports. Solid features such as bulk image / product upload, automatically generating thumbnail images, and low inventory notice help you manage your time and lighten your workload. Customer management features such as wish lists, image zoom and Live Chat help encourage customer loyalty.

With Pinnacle Cart, you are allowed an unlimited number of products with every package they offer. They clearly want to help you make your product look its best as they offer image management features such as image magnify, zoom, light box and enlarge. You also get an unlimited number of secondary images with the ability to create photo galleries and hide or display images with a simple click of the mouse. They also offer full inventory control, even at the variant level.

In addition to making sure your products look good, they also offer a very flexible product import and export tool. We found importing to be a breeze because unlike most carts, Pinnacle Cart doesn’t require you to use a template to upload products.

The Zippy Cart team was slightly disappointed at the lack of tools for managing bulk products within the application, but if you’re dealing with that many products, you might find using the product upload tool a better solution, anyway. Another note is while they have shipping labels for USPS , the system lacks them for UPS and Fed-Ex.

At the time of this review Pinnacle Cart was one of the only eCommerce applications using “Intuit Anywhere” for its connection to Quick books. This revolutionary feature allows you to seamlessly integrate with both offline and online versions of Quick books. Just set it up and you’ll never have to touch it again. Additionally, Pinnacle Cart works with some of the leading order management systems like Stone Edge Order Manager, Webgility, T-Hub and more.
Pinnacle Cart Customer Service

Merchants who partner with Pinnacle Cart will enjoy a prompt response time from their customer service team. Zippy Cart noted that Pinnacle Cart had the quickest email response time, when compared to the other top ten carts of 2012. This may be because when you sign-up with their service, they assign you a personal client concierge who sends an immediate email with information to their direct line, email and social media contacts. We considered that a huge bonus as other carts made their customer service difficult to access, requiring things like random sign-ins to community forums, special request forms, screen shots of the problem, or special reference numbers.

Contact support by phone: Weekdays 5am – 11pm PST; Weekend 9am-5pm PST
Submit a support ticket: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Client Area: Weekdays 6am – 9pm PST; Weekend 9am-6pm PST
Email your ‘person’ – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (response times vary)

Example Pinnacle Cart Store

Pinnacle Cart offers 4 hosted plans ranging in price from $30 – $150 a month, with a $50 sign-up fee on the first 2 levels. Zippy Cart loved that each of these packages include no transactions fees, unlimited product numbers, the ability to cancel or switch plans at any time, and the desirable PA DSS security compliance. Also, all but the basic package includes integrations with Intuit Anywhere. Pinnacle Cart also has a VPS plan that starts at $250 a month and a licensed option that is a one-time fee of $797 with an optional support and update plan of $229 a year. One thing to be careful of when selecting packages, however, is that their base package offers less bandwidth and hard disk space than some of their competitors do.

Pinnacle Cart is both a hosted and a licensed product which means that you can start small with a hosted cart (a set-up fee, monthly charges and percentage fees) and use it until you need your own server. As your company grows through the years, you can then easily switch to a less costly licensed version (a one-time purchase). Pinnacle Cart is one of the few carts on the market that offers both options, allowing you the ease of a hosted solution now and a seamless switchover with fewer costs to a licensed solution in the future.

Overall, if you’re a newbie, looking to transfer an existing store or wanting an eCommerce solution that will grow with you, Pinnacle Cart is the right choice for most online business owners.

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