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Casserole Carrier

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Enclose a baking dish and give as a gift.

Skill Level

Finished Size
Casserole Carrier:
Approximately 12-inch diameter for 1 1/2-quart covered casserole

Note: To change casserole cover size, measure covered casserole (Figure 1) and add 2 inches. Cut cover using new center diameter.

26-inch squares of 2 coordinating 100 per cent cotton fabrics
26-inch square fusible fleece or old ironing board cover
26-inch square insulated fleece or batting (has a shiny metallic finish on one side)
2 yards cotton cord
1 package contrasting maxi piping
Basic sewing supplies and equipment

Cut a 26-inch circle of each cotton fabric. Cut a 25-inch circle of fusible fleece and insulated fleece.

2. Centre and bond fusible-fleece circle to wrong side of one fabric circle, following manufacturer’s directions. This will be the outer shell. Stitch piping around the periphery.

3. Centre insulated fleece on wrong side of remaining fabric circle with shiny side toward fabric; baste in place around periphery.

4. Draw a line 1 inch away from periphery of bonded circle with chalk marker. Draw another line 7/8 inch away from first line as shown in Figure 2. Work two 5/8-inch buttonholes inside those lines, as shown in Figure 3.

5. Place backed fabric circles together, right sides facing. Stitch around the periphery with a 1/2-inch seam allowance, leaving an opening for turning.

6. Clip curves; turn right side out. Close opening with a hand-sewing needle and thread.

7. Stitch along chalk lines through all layers to create a casing.

8. Cut cotton cord in half. Feed one piece through one buttonhole, around the casing and back out through the same buttonhole, as in Figure 4. Tie ends of cord together in a knot. Feed remaining cord through other buttonhole, around casing and back out through the same buttonhole. Tie ends of cord together in a knot.

9. Place covered casserole inside carrier; pull knotted ends of cords to fit the carrier around the casserole.

Reprinted from Sewing © Company's Coming Publishing Limited

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