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Included are all 169 recipes from two of our best selling kids titles, Kids Do Snacks and Kids Do Baking. For everything from cookies to breads, soups, salads, drinks and desserts - there's no shortage of enticing recipes for kids to try as they build confidence in the kitchen. ABOUT AUTHOR: Jean Pare (pronounced “jeen PAIR-ee”) grew up understanding that the combination of family, friends and home cooking is the best recipe for a good life. From her mother, she learned to appreciate good ...


Inhale the fresh scent of citrus, it's a refreshing aroma. Add a bright green or yellow slice to a beverage and it instantly becomes a party drink. A dash of lemon juice, a squeeze of lime... brings these recipes to life! Dip into this zesty little book of recipes chosen from our library and you'll agree these lemon zingers will add magic to your meals. Another Guaranteed Great title from Company's Coming. Explore all the books in this wonderful series and start your collection today.


Whether savoury or sweet, in tiny tarts or thick-cut wedges � pie adds a touch of warmth to any meal. Open up�Most Loved Pies�to find familiar classics like Apple Pie and Lemon Meringue. You�ll also come across a Guaranteed Great��selection of hot options like Chick And Leek Pie, and Quiche Lorraine. Every recipe is pictured, and to help you save time (and money) we�ve also included a generous amount of hints and sidebars like our economical (and foolproof) basic pastry recipe on page 42. You ...


"Sweet Cravings" offers a luscious collection of simple recipes for desserts and treats that are quick and easy to prepare. Delightful snacks, summertime flavoured teas, crowd-pleasing pies, parfaits, fondue sauces, cookies, cakes, candies and sweet, warm breads are just a few of the delectable tastes inside this book. When you need a potluck dessert, an after-school snack, or if you just want to make someone's day with a delicious gift, then you are certain to find everything you need in this ...


"Sweet Dreams" is a bounty of recipes for sweet truffles, fudge, toffee and more, all ready to be created for those special occasions, celebrations or everyday rewards. The folks at Company's Coming love to have fun with their treats, and that clearly shows in this selection which also includes barks, brittle, fruit bites and pralines. Keep that sweet tooth satisfied with a stocked freezer, ready for future entertaining, gift-giving or a quick sneak nibble. As part of our Focus Series, every ...


Who can resist an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie, straight from the oven? Or velvety smooth cheesecake? From simply sweet to devilishly delicious, these Guaranteed Great™ recipes from Most Loved Treats and Most Loved Cookies come together in one irresistible package. Find your favourite two-bite indulgences and more adventurous goodies in Tempting Treats & Cookies-and experience the thrill of giving in.


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