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The Pork Book

The Pork Book


This superb collection of recipes showcases how lean, nutritious and versatile pork can fit into most health-conscious diets. Featured recipes for tender appetizer ribs, hearty soups, convenient casseroles and barbecued or baked ham are just a few of the many recipes to choose from.
The Pork Book
Roasted Pork Chops

Roasted Pork Chops      "Roasted Pork Chops" is available in PDF format print friendly version

The warm flavours in this rustic-looking dish complement each other perfectly.
Lemon juice1/3 cup75 mL
Thinly peeled lemon zest pieces (about33
2 inch, 5 cm, lengths)
Coarsely chopped fresh rosemary2 tbsp.30 mL
(or 1 1/2 tsp., 7 mL, dried)
Olive (or cooking) oil2 tbsp.30 mL
Brown sugar, packed2 tbsp.30 mL
Garlic cloves (with peel), bruised66
Coarsely ground pepper (or 1/2 tsp.,1 tsp.5 mL
2 mL, pepper)
Bone-in pork loin rib chops, about66
2 1/2 lbs. (1.1 kg)
Medium parsnips, halved lengthwise33
Medium pears (with peel), cored 33
and quartered
Medium baking potatoes (with peel), cut33
into 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick slices
Salt1/2 tsp.2 mL
Combine first 7 ingredients in shallow dish.

Add chops. Turn until coated. Cover. Chill overnight.

Transfer to ungreased large roasting pan. Add remaining 4 ingredients. Bake, uncovered, in 400°F (205°C) oven for about 1 1/4 hours, stirring once or twice, until chops are tender and browned. Remove and discard garlic. Serves 6.
1 serving: 305 Calories; 11.9 g Total Fat (6.5 g Mono, 1.2 g Poly, 3.1 g Sat); 42 mg Cholesterol; 31 g Carbohydrate; 5 g Fibre; 21 g Protein; 206 mg Sodium
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